Manage & Automate IT infrastructure Auto-discovery, IT Assets, monitoring and optimization Streamline Helpdesk & Scheduled Maintenance Reduce overhead and downtime costs

We know IT infrastructure management is a challenge. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of Intermotions®.

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Intermotions® bundles all aspects of IT infrastructure under one self-managed server. Getting started couldn't be easier.

What is Intermotions®?

Intermotions® bundles key IT applications such as IT assets, database management, helpdesk, monitoring and others under one easy-to-use, easy-to-install, self-managed server. Available as a VMware, Hyper-V or VirtualBox image.

  • Auto-Discovery
  • Network Scan
  • Database Management
  • Monitoring Configuration and Management
  • Repeating and cascading planned maintenance
  • Remote access to view your logs.
  • Remote agent installation and deployment
  • Auto-refresh of live status of your targets.
  • Secure connect to Oracle DBMS using Oracle Wallet.
  • Agentless remote checks.
  • Self-managed backup solution.
  • Generate or import self-signed SSL certificate.
  • SSL secured connection to the Intermotions® application.
  • Security auditing.
  • Automatic closure of tickets.
  • Graphic object configuration.
  • Preloaded with 300 templates.
  • Bulk problem acknowledgment.
  • Live target performance views.
  • Multiple target maintenance.
  • User access control lists.
  • Auto-tasks**
  • High-availability and stand-by**.
  • Internal database stats collected.
  • Passwordless checks.
  • Service Packs (predefine a set of service checks and deploy them all at once).
  • Live configuration (monitoring changes are applied immediately).
  • Bulk operations (force check on multiple targets).
  • Advisory emails.
  • AD/LDAP with built-in native database authentication.


With our unique auto-discovery feature, your network can be mapped and populated into Intermotions® in minutes, eliminating hours of data population.

  • Auto-discover and register properties of a particular physical or virtual target.
  • Possibility to scan your entire network and import discovered devices.
  • Retrieves high-scope details about each target.
  • Ability to target most popular database management systems.
  • Ability to discover VM hosts (VMWare®, Hyper-V®, OpenVZ® and Citrix Xen®).
  • Ability to discover and register existing monitoring agents (NRPE, NSCA and EM agent).

Database Management

Our database management feature provides access to your Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and MongoDB database systems.

Manage and monitor your DBMS single instances or clusters. Dashboards provide real-time key benchmarks. Other functions include remote access to logs, scheduling maintenance, etc.

Registering your database with Intermotions® grants access to great tools such as SQL query analyzer, DBMS throughput, active sessions, automatic helpdesk ticket creation, etc.

Intermotions® proprietary secure authentication provides access to even the most secure database management systems including Oracle SSL / Wallet.

IT Asset Management Intermotions® provides the ability to manage all major IT assets.

Blade Servers

Chassis (Enclosures) & Rack Enclosures


Mobile Devices

Personal PCs (Notebooks)



Tape backups

VM Hosts



And more...


Intermotions® extends the Enterprise Monitoring Framework by Icinga with in-depth performance charts, a user-friendly GUI and more.

Agentless Monitoring

With Intermotions®, there is no need to install agents, but the option to deploy our agent remotely is available

Status Map

Check out how your network is mapped, what targets are online / offline

Up-to-Date Monitoring

Schedule downtime and create support incidents based on thresholds for a number of service checks

Planned Maintenance

Schedule maintenance for existing IT assets and databases.


Intermotions® management and tools allow the configuration of entities, user groups, access restrictions, and much more.

Users and Groups

Manage your users, groups and control access restrictions

Module Management

Further restrictions can be applied to which features your users have access to


Control your Intermotions® environment and change parameters based on your needs


Designate primary and secondary contacts for incident resolution


Intermotions® strives to alleviate the burden of using multiple systems to manage infrastructure incidents, requests and ITIL.

  • Easily track issue and problem acknowledgements.
  • Schedule planned maintenance and downtime.
  • Efficiently plan change management.
  • Auto-close tickets of previously acknowledged service or host checks.
  • Reduce problem and issue tracking time.

Intermotions® About Us

Intermotions® is an inventive IT software company specializing in the areas of office & IT infrastructure management application software and self-managed server platforms.

Our product simplifies enterprise-grade features and tools, focusing on application software interoperability and affordability to provide the end-user with mobility and eliminating daily mundane tasks. Intermotions® is not only breaking new grounds and pushing the status quo of office & IT infrastructure management software but also raising the bar for essential features and tools previously reserved and only available in enterprise level software.

Building on years of professional knowledge and experience in different key IT areas, Intermotions® is committed to using this know-how in order to disguise complexity & deliver creative, innovative, powerful software solutions that are affordable and easy to use.

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Pricing Plans Choose the right plan for you.



Limited to 3 Named Users.
Limited mobile functionality.
  • 1 Entity / Client
  • 35 Helpdesk Tickets
  • 3 Performance Packs
  • Software Updates


Minimum 5 users.
  • 1 Entity / Client
  • 250 Tickets
  • 10 Performance Packs
  • Software Updates


Min 5 Named Users.
  • 5 Entities / Clients
  • 500 Tickets
  • 10 Performance Packs
  • Software Updates


  • 10 Entities / Clients
  • 100 Tickets
  • 1 User
  • 15 Performance Packs
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